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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Being recognised by your peers is a worthwhile aspiration for every professionally engaged person. So many p's in that sentence... regardless, I was mighty proud to be celebrated by the South African Guild of Editors at the 2019 SAGE Acronym Award event. This year saw the right to append the SAGE acronym to one's name awarded to three deserving members of the guild, with myself being one of them.
I am particularly proud that I am the first colourist to be awarded this accolade. I am passionate about storytelling and doing so through colour. It is a contribution that is invisible when done right, and the absence thereof glaring. It that crucial last mile - if Usain Bolt only sprinted 90 meters at a time, he'd never break any records!
In this picture (LtoR) is Jack Esterhuizen SAGE (recipient), Katherine Myburgh SAGE, Dr. Nikki Comninos SAGE and yours truly.
Rowan Cloete receives the SAGE acronym
SAGE acronym award evening

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