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At LONG ISLAND we are flexible, adaptable and scalable, and our extensive experience allows us to deliver to local and international broadcast requirements up to HDR UHD and 4k delivery specifications.

We build bespoke project teams that are expertly led and coordinated by our central team and facilitated according to our excellent workflow, scheduling and project management processes. 

Our Johannesburg post-production facility is equipped with the highest standard of industry hardware, software and monitoring systems.

  • Post-Production Services:

    • Video Editing

    • Color Correction/Grading

    • Visual Effects (VFX)

    • Motion Graphics

    • Subtitling/Captioning

    • Quality Control (QC)

    • File Conversions and Deliverables

    • Archiving and Asset Management

We also offer:

  • Pre-Production Services:

    • Concept Development

    • Scriptwriting/Storyboarding

    • Location Scouting

    • Casting

  • Production Services:

    • Videography/Filming

    • Photography

    • Audio Recording

    • Set Design/Construction

    • Lighting Design/Set-up

    • Directing

    • Production Management

  • Post-Production Services:

    • Sound Design

    • Music Composition/Scoring

    • Dialogue Editing

    • Mixing and Mastering

  • Additional Services:

    • Marketing and Distribution

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