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At LONG ISLAND we are flexible, adaptable and scalable, building up or slimming down our resources and team to suit each project’s post-production requirements. We have years of experience delivering local broadcast requirements from SDR and HD and to  international UHD and 4k delivery specifications.

Our Johannesburg facility is equipped with the highest standard of industry hardware, software and monitoring systems and we are capacitated to host staff and client viewings with seating for up to ten people within our state-of-the-art suite. We have sizeable NAS storage, LTO backup capabilities and off-grid solar power & generator backup. We can manage remote viewings and workflows in order to ensure a smooth and professional work experience, whether on or off-site.

We have established relationships with a robust network of post-production personnel and service providers, who can be brought onto the production as needed. Additional hardware and related resources can be acquired and the project scaled to deliver to the highest-end specifications. The process and all personnel are all expertly led and coordinated by our central team and facilitated according to our excellent workflow, scheduling and project management processes. 

Our partner network includes offline editors and cutting room facilities, visual effects and motion graphics experts, flame artists, translation and subtitle teams, sound design and audio final mix service providers – essentially any service required across the value chain of post-production, finishing and delivery.

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